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I. Overview

     KCZ6.0 thyristor three-phase full control (semi-control) bridge phase shift control board is our company redesigned according to the user's deficiencies in the original TCZ6.0 board application Yes, it is further improved and developed on the basis of TCZ6.0. Compared with TCZ6.0 board, it has the following advantages:

    1. The external connection connector changes the old-fashioned 22-wire connector with double-sided contact to a new type connector, so the contact is more reliable and the connection is not easy to connect wrongly.

    2. The input signal and output signal are divided into two connectors, which makes the application more convenient for users.

    3. The printed circuit board has increased the soldering, solder mask, characters and anti-corrosion technology, which is more reliable to use and easier to repair.

    4. A shielding layer is added around the printed board, which has better anti-interference performance, and mounting fixing holes are added around it, so there is no need for a plug-in box in use, which meets the needs of different users.

II. Conditions of use

    1. Altitude: +1500m;

    2. Ambient temperature: -10≧゛+45≧;

    3. The maximum relative humidity of the air: +90%; (ambient humidity 20≧);

    4. There is no conductive, flammable and explosive dust around, no gas that corrodes metals and damages insulation;

    5. No severe vibration and shock.

Three, basic working principle

    The basic working principle of the KCZ6.0 board is the same as that of the TCZ6.0 board. It uses the TC787 developed and produced by our company as the core unit. TC787 is a high-performance 18-pin The standard dual in-line integrated circuit integrates the functions of constant current source, phase shift logic, zero point identification, pulse distribution, pulse modulation, anti-jamming circuit, etc., one piece can replace 5 pieces of KJ (or KC) series integrated circuits The combination of 3 pieces of TCA785 and KJ041 and KJ042 combination circuit. Therefore, the anti-interference performance is better, and the performance is more superior. Its application greatly reduces the size of the printed board.

Four. Main technical parameters

    The main technical parameters of the KCZ6.0 board are as follows:

     1. Input synchronization signal, three-phase, the phase voltage of AC ~ 30V can work normally, the current demand of the synchronous power supply is less than 50mA.
     2. The input power supply voltage is dual AC 18V, so the board can generate the \15V required by the user's three-phase control system (its load capacity is 0.05A) and the +24V power supply required to trigger the final board (the load capacity is pulse current 1A).
     3. Output six channels (for three-phase full-control bridge triggering) or three channels (for three-phase half-control bridge triggering) trigger pulses, including pulse power amplifier part, users only need to match the six-unit or three-unit thyristor trigger produced by our company The pulse final stage board and a given potentiometer can be connected to form a three-phase AC voltage regulation or DC motor speed regulation or other systems.
     4. It contains a pulse blocking terminal, the blocking terminal S is effective at high level, so that the user can conveniently block the trigger pulse in the event of a fault to ensure the safety of the system.
     5. The installation dimensions are shown in Figure 1, the four holes are all Φ4, and the hole distance is shown in Figure 1.
     6. The maximum dimensions are: length〜width〜height=155mm〜68mm〜28mm.

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                             Figure 1    Physical appearance and installation dimension drawing of KCZ6.0 board

V. User instructions and usage methods

    1. The arrangement of the main components in the actual printed board of the KCZ6.0 board is shown in Figure 1, where the potentiometers W1, W2, and W3 are used to adjust the balance of the three-phase synchronous voltage, which is rotated clockwise and sent to the integrated circuit TC787 pin The equivalent synchronization voltage of the TC787 is reduced, and the equivalent synchronization voltage sent to the TC787 pin is adjusted counterclockwise to increase. W4 is the maximum angle α limiter adjustment potentiometer. Turn clockwise to reduce the maximum α limit angle, and rotate counterclockwise to increase the maximum α limit value. W5 is a given potentiometer used when debugging the board, it is useless to the user.

    2. The ~18V, GND, ~18V on the left side of the KCZ6.0 board are respectively connected to the secondary voltage of the user power transformer, and its current capacity is 0.5mA, and a, GND; b, GND; c, GND are respectively connected to the secondary voltage of the synchronous transformer Phase voltage, its current capacity is 50mA, +15V and -15V are provided to the user system, and its load capacity is 50mA, the user only needs to connect a quarter of a watt 2K resistor and a half between +15V and GND One-watt 4.7K potentiometer is connected in series with the network, and the middle point of the potentiometer is connected to the Vk end of the connector, and the given voltage can be adjusted by the potentiometer to adjust the three-phase thyristor bridge (or three-phase voltage regulating network) The remaining terminal S is used to realize the pulse sealing in the case of failure. It is an input signal, which is effective at high level, and its required current capacity is tens of microamperes.

    3. The +24V, g1; +24V, g2; +24V, g3; +24V, g4; +24V, g5; +24V, g6 on the right side of the KCZ6.0 board are respectively used to connect the input terminals of the user trigger pulse final stage board.

    4. The output and input load capacity of KCZ6.0 board is: +15V, -15V maximum load capacity is 50mA, its +24V maximum load pulse current is 300mA, its phase shift control voltage UK and sealed pulse signal S high level require maximum input The current is 1mA, and the maximum load pulse current of terminals g1゛g6 is 150mA.

   6. The application example of KCZ6.0 board: used in three-phase half-controlled bridge system as shown in Figure 2, and used in three-phase full-controlled bridge system as shown in Figure 3.  

 Figure 2


  7. When the main circuit does not have a transformer, when the KCZ6.0 board is used in a three-phase controllable rectifier system, it is recommended that the synchronous transformer be connected to Δ/Y-11, and when the KCZ6.0 board is used for three-phase AC voltage regulation or three-phase When the system is triggered by zero crossing, it is recommended to connect the synchronous transformer to Y/Y-12. When the main circuit has a power transformer, the connection of the synchronous transformer should match the connection of the main circuit transformer.