IGC2.6 type three-phase full-bridge high-power IGBT gate driver board

I. Overview
The IGC2.6 type three-phase full-bridge high-power IGBT gate driver board is the second-generation IGBT gate designed according to the opinions of the majority of users on the first-generation IGBT gate driver board developed by our company-the IGC-type series driver board. The driver board is developed and produced by applying the national "eighth and five" research results, using the self-protected IGBT gate driver thick film integrated circuit HL402 as the core unit and externally equipped with high-performance electronic components. The main design features are as follows:
1. Seven independent power supplies work, when working, six AC 20V/0.1A and one DC 15V/0.1A power supplies with independent potentials are provided, of which six AC 18V are used to drive the six IGBT gates in the three-phase full-bridge system. The power supply, and the DC 15V power supply and the user system pulse forming part are the same power supply.
2. It can be used for direct gate drive of three dual-cell IGBTs with a rated capacity of 200A/1200V or 400A/600V.
3. It has dual protection functions of gate voltage drop and soft turn-off. It can output an alarm signal at the same time as soft turn-off and gate voltage drop. It can be used to block the output of the pulse forming part of the user, and it can also give a contact signal for the user to use To break the main circuit of your own system.
4. The gate voltage drop delay time, gate voltage drop time, and soft turn-off slope can all be adjusted by an external capacitor, so it is suitable for driving and protecting IGBTs with different saturation voltage drops.

II. Component layout and usage method
The component arrangement of the IGC2.6 type three-phase full-bridge high-power IGBT gate driver board is shown in Figure 1. The external dimensions of the printed board are: lengthwidthheight=236mm148mm30mm, and the mounting hole distance It is: lengthwidth=226mm138mm. There are eight main connectors for its connection with the outside. The schematic diagram of the external lead function and usage of each plug-in is as follows:
1. The a1a6 and b1b6 of the connectors S1S6 are connected to the six 20V windings on the secondary side of the power transformer, and the 24V DC voltage with a floating ground potential can also be directly input from this end, and the G1G6, C1 C6, E1E6 are respectively connected to the gates, collectors and emitters of the six IGBTs corresponding to the input pulse signals g1g6 of the two high-power IGBTs being driven.
2. The +V, GND, g1, g2, g3, g4, g5, and g6 in the connector S7 are respectively connected to the working power supply of the user system and the reference ground of the positive power supply and six driving pulse signals, and the L terminal is provided for protection after The pulse-blocking signal of the user system, which can be used directly to block the output of the pulse forming part.
3. There is a normally closed contact between the two lead-out terminals of the connector S8, which is used to output a signal for breaking the main circuit of the user system when the driven IGBT is over-current or other fault conditions.

Three, parameter restrictions and precautions for use
1. Input and output load capacity
(1) The current output by each drive unit of the IGC2.6 three-phase full-bridge IGBT gate drive board can directly drive IGBT modules with a nominal capacity of 400A/600V or 200A/1200V. Increase the amplification link between the output and the driven IGBT.
(2) Each drive circuit in the IGC2.6 type three-phase full-bridge IGBT gate driver board draws 100mA of energy from the power grid, and it requires that the current value provided by DC+V does not exceed 100mA.
(3) The protective relay contact capacity provided by the control board to the user is AC 380V/0.5A/or 220V/1A.
2. Application Notes
(1) It is necessary to prevent the G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 connected to the IGBT gate and the E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 connected to its emitter from short-circuiting each other among the six drive signals output by the drive board.
(2) In order to avoid interference, it is recommended that the lead wires between the power supply and the drive board socket and between the drive board output and the driven IGBT should be as short as possible, the length should not exceed 0.5m, and the twisted pair wire or the same wire should be used as much as possible. Shaft cable shielded wire.
(3) When the drive board is used in a three-phase full-bridge inverter system, in order to avoid direct connection, it is recommended to increase the interlock time between g1 and g4, g3 and g6, and g5 and g2 in the driving pulse forming part of the user system The interval, the interval is generally 1S ~ 5S.

Figure 1