KCZ6.4 thyristor three-phase temperature control (power regulation) control panel

I. Overview
The KCZ6.4 three-phase thyristor temperature control (power adjustment) board is formed on the basis of the KCZ6.2 board by adding a low zero drift and high amplification amplifier in the feedback loop, so it is more suitable for feedback signals of millivolt level System (such as temperature control system) to realize the closed-loop control function.

II. Conditions of use
1. Altitude: +1500m;
   2. Ambient temperature: -10≧+45≧;
3. The maximum relative humidity of the air: +90% (when the relative environmental humidity is 20);
   4. There is no conductive and explosive dust around, no gas that corrodes metals and damages insulation;
   5. No severe vibration and shock.

3. How to use KCZ6.4 board
1. The external connection of the KCZ6.4 board has four connectors. The outline and installation dimensions and the actual layout of the main components are shown in Figure 1. The lead connections of each connector are as follows:
   1.1 The 18V, GND and 18V of the plug-in S4 are respectively connected to the two 18V AC windings and the middle tap end of the power transformer with a middle tap on the secondary side,
It can also directly input two DC 24V voltage signals.
1.2 A, GND, b, GND, c, GND in the plug-in S1 are respectively connected to the three 30V windings corresponding to the three phases A, B and C on the secondary side of the three-phase synchronous transformer. When the main circuit is not With a transformer, when KCZ6.4 is used in a three-phase controllable rectifier system, it is recommended that the synchronous transformer be connected to Δ/Y-11, and when KCZ6.4 is used for three-phase AC voltage regulation, it is recommended to connect the synchronous transformer to Y/ Y-12, when the main circuit has a transformer, the connection of the synchronous transformer should match the main transformer. And Ug, P, GND are respectively connected to the three terminals of a given external potentiometer (resistance value is not less than 4.7K, power is not less than 0.5W), where Ug is The middle adjustable end of the potentiometer, and GND and P are respectively connected to the two fixed ends of the potentiometer, eT, GND are connected to the output of the sampling sensor (such as the output of a thermocouple), and the Uf is connected to the actual output sampling value, and the remaining +V, -V and GND provide users with a positive power supply and a negative power output signal.
1.3 The D2, GND, +5V, D1 and GND of the plug-in S5 are the actual given values ??displayed by the user¨s external digital meter. The actual output value of the controlled system provides an output signal.
  1.4 There is a normally closed contact signal between A and B of the plug-in S2. Its contact capacity is 220V/1A or 380V/0.5A. It is used in the operating circuit of the user system. Users can use it to disconnect the main circuit of their own system in case of failure.
  1.5 g1
in connector S3g6 and 24V are respectively connected to the trigger pulse final board of the user thyristor or the primary side of the pulse transformer.

  2. There are nine potentiometers in the KCZ6.4 board. The functions and adjustment methods of each potentiometer are as follows:
2.1 W1, W2, W3 are the synchronous signal amplitude adjustment potentiometers, and their function is to add to the TC787 Integrated circuit 18#, 1#, 2# The synchronization signal amplitude changes at the pins, and the second is manifested in adjusting the synchronization signal to perform T-filtering The time constant of the network, adjust clockwise to add to the TC787 18#, 1#, 2# The equivalent synchronization signal amplitude of the pin decreases, that is, the time constant of the T-type filter network increases, Adjust counterclockwise and add to TC787 18#, 2#, 1# The equivalent synchronization signal amplitude of the pin increases, that is, the T-type network filter time constant decreases .
2.2 W4 is the potentiometer for the given signal in the board, clockwise to adjust the given signal to increase, counterclockwise to adjust the given signal to decrease, when the KCZ6.4 board is used as an external set, the potentiometer No effect.
2.3 When the given signal Ug is zero, W10 is used to adjust the maximum α angle, clockwise adjustment? Cmax decreases , Adjust counterclockwise? Cmax
Increase, the potentiometer has been adjusted before leaving the factory and does not need adjustment.
2.4 W5 is when the given signal Ug is the maximum, the minimum α angle adjustment potentiometer, clockwise adjustment? Cmin increase, counter The hour hand adjustment? Cmin is reduced. The potentiometer has been adjusted before leaving the factory and no further adjustment is required.
   2.5 W12 The feedback signal magnification adjustment potentiometer, adjust the feedback amount clockwise to increase the magnification, and adjust the feedback amount counterclockwise.
Large multiples reduce.
   2.6 W8 operational amplifier zero potentiometer. Used to adjust the operational amplifier, adjust as needed during use.
   2.7 W9 protection threshold adjustment potentiometer, adjust the protection threshold clockwise to increase, and adjust the protection threshold counterclockwise to decrease.
   3. Input and output load capacity of KCZ6.4 board
   3.1 KCZ6.4 double plate~18V power input current is 0.5A, and its three-phase synchronous voltage a, b, c The effective value of the voltage is 30V, its
The maximum current is 20mA, Uf is the user's actual system output parameter sampling value. When the KCZ6.4 board is used as an overcurrent protection mode, the terminal connection system
When the KCZ6.4 board is used for overvoltage protection, the terminal is connected to the user system output voltage sampling value, and the maximum input value is
8V (AC or DC), the demand current is 10mA, the remaining eT is the sampled value of the controlled quantity, the minimum value is tens of millivolts, KCZ6.4
When used in a temperature control system, this terminal is connected to the thermocouple output.
3.2 Maximum output load capacity of KCZ6.4 board
+15V, -15V, +5V are 50mA, and D2, D1 are 10mA , G1g6 is a pulse current of 150mA, the contact of A and B is allowed
The quantity is 220V/1A or 380V/0.5A.

4. Examples of using KCZ6.4 board
The principle circuit of the three-phase thyristor closed-loop temperature control system is shown in Figure 2. In the figure, the KCZ6.4 board is used for overcurrent protection mode operation. Its
Where eT is the feedback signal, and Uf is the actual output sampling value. When KCZ6.4 is used as the overcurrent protection mode, Uf is connected to the current sampling signal,
When the KCZ6.4 board is used as an overvoltage protection working mode, Uf is connected to the voltage sampling signal.