High-voltage pulse transformer
ˇˇˇˇ is to solve the requirement that multiple thyristors are connected in series to trigger the conduction at the same time, so as to avoid the inconsistent conduction time and cause the overvoltage shock of the thyristor that turns on or turns off first In addition, our company is the first domestic company to launch a special pulse transformer specially used for multiple thyristor series systems, which can meet the needs of 3-12 thyristors connected in series and triggered at the same time. Its structure and technology ensure that the time error of the rising edge of the multi-winding output pulse is less than 0.2¦Ěs, and the pulse rising edge steepness can reach 2A/¦Ěs, suitable for triggering current capacity in 50ˇ« The good performance of thyristors in the 4000A range has been affirmed by many users, such as Harbin Institute of Technology.