KGPS (KGPF) medium frequency induction heating Power                
   This series of products is the sixth-generation and seventh-generation intermediate frequency induction heating equipment newly developed by our company, using our company¨s fully digital sweeping frequency control panel with independent intellectual property rights. Its maximum power capacity has reached 5000kw, and it has been used in one of the largest bending pipe systems in China, the φ720mm bend pipeline of China Petrochemical Corporation and the steelmaking furnaces of many large steel companies. Using high-quality fast thyristors or high-frequency thyristors, it has the functions of voltage stabilization, current stabilization, constant power adjustment, high reliability, large device capacity, wide frequency control range, easy start-up of heavy furnaces, and strong adaptability to load changes and types. , Can be widely used in the fields of crystal growth, metal smelting, quenching, diathermy, pipe bending, etc.
 KGPS (KGPF) intermediate frequency induction heating power supply parameters (partial)
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Appearance of 0.5-8KHZ intermediate frequency power supply)