High-power electrolysis, silicon carbide, electroplating power supply
   electrolysis and silicon carbide electroplating devices are divided into three types: oil-immersed, oil-immersed and water-cooled, and cabinet-type water-cooled. They use rectifier diodes or thyristors imported from the production line of GE, Its die is made of silicon single crystal imported from Denmark, divided into non-controllable diode silicon rectifier type and thyristor controllable rectifier type. The non-controllable diode silicon rectifier type is equipped with a multi-stage on-load voltage regulating rectifier transformer for coarse adjustment, and the saturable reactor is used for fine adjustment or directly to increase the number of on-load voltage regulating switches to adjust the rectified output DC voltage. Thyristor controllable rectification The adjustment of the type output voltage is directly completed by changing the conduction angle of the thyristor. When users require a wide range of voltage adjustment, it can also be used with the on-load voltage regulating switch in the rectifier transformer to adjust the voltage. Thyristor controllable rectifier device uses our company's patented product-modular final stage trigger unit, which can ensure the simultaneity of the triggering of each parallel thyristor; achieve good dynamic current sharing effect, and each series of products have overcurrent protection and cooling system failure , Overvoltage, component failure, high water temperature, high bus temperature, blown fuse and other protection and alarm functions. Various protections and alarms are monitored by Siemens PLC. The full Chinese interface and the man-machine dialogue function are extremely strong.
 High-power electrolysis, silicon carbide, electroplating power supply parameters
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