DC closing (DC screen) power supply unit
กกกก This series of products is a power supply designed for the closing and opening of high-voltage switches and fault protection systems in power supply and distribution systems. There are two types of thyristor rectification and high-frequency switching DC modules. Scheme, both schemes can realize the functions of constant current charging, voltage stabilization charging and automatic floating charging of the battery. It can be equipped with maintenance-free batteries or cadmium-nickel batteries according to user requirements. The dedicated control board of our company is used as the core unit. It has three states of constant current, constant voltage and floating charge. The three states can be switched automatically without manual operation, which is convenient Realize automation. The product is equipped with over-current and short-circuit protection instructions, and has manual and automatic adjustment functions. In the rated capacity range There are multiple specifications within 10กซ400Ah for users to choose, and the input power supply voltage is dual AC.