1、 Provide users with relevant technical consultation, and train equipment operation and maintenance personnel for users.
2、 Compress the production cycle and ensure delivery according to the delivery deadline and quantity proposed by the demander.
3、 Provide good protection measures against moisture, shock, rust and barbarous loading and unloading, and meet the requirements of reliable unloading and transportation of packaging. In addition to using automobile transportation to deliver to the user's site, it can also be transported by air transportation, rail transportation, etc. Delivered to the designated location.
4、 At the time of delivery, provide you with the product quality certificate and detailed technical documents related to installation and use.
5、 During the installation and commissioning of power electronic equipment and automation engineering products, our company will send high-level engineering and technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning on site to ensure normal operation. After the system is commissioned and operated, both parties and related departments will jointly conduct a general acceptance of the product in accordance with the acceptance criteria. If product quality problems occur due to our company's product design and manufacturing, our company will deal with it in a timely manner, and all related expenses incurred during the period will be handled by our company. The company undertakes; for users who purchase parts and components of our company, we will at any time guide the installation and debugging through telephone, email, fax and other forms to ensure normal use of users.
6、 The product quality guarantee period is: the whole product is qualified after the final acceptance, 12 months after being put into rated operation, and the parts and components are 12 months from the date of shipment from our company. The products are subject to the most preferential paid lifetime maintenance.
7、 During the product quality guarantee period, our company is responsible for repairing or replacing any damages, defects and failures of the supplied products due to defects in design, manufacturing, materials, and outsourcing supporting parts, and we are responsible for free repairs or replacements, and guarantee that the technical conditions are met. Prescribed requirements.
8、 Our company promises to respond to the user's maintenance needs within one hour after receiving the complaint. According to the specific situation, depending on the user's distance, we will arrive at the site within 12-48 hours to troubleshoot the equipment.
9、Ensure that the user of the complete set of equipment is visited once. Regularly understand the operation and use of the equipment, send technical personnel to the user site at any time for irregular training and guidance, and solve other technical problems encountered by the user and work at any time.

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